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  1. :laugh: I loved the voice message :hug:

  2. :laugh: It's the only reason that makes sense :| coz he totally got destroyed at the AO :O

  3. :o :( :hug:

    I don't really like any of the new models atm :/ but I recommend that u check the HIT threads again :shifty:

  4. :rofl: so I have to figure out a way to get u drunk :shifty:

  5. :woot: Which model? :shifty:

  6. *lurk*



  7. *perves on Herve's profile*

  8. *perving* :shifty:

  9. *popped your profile comment virginity* :ninja:

  10. *shoves Nicole's face in a watermelon* :|

  11. *throws eggplants*

  12. a top 4 personal pic will be very squashy :|

  13. Already threw a rock in her thread :shifty:

    H.I.T is my #1 :whistle:

  14. AMBUSH! :chicken:

  15. and I love the Darianess of your set :wub:

  16. and that's all you'll be seeing :|

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