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I joined this board a couple of days ago and have gathered courage since to step forward and introduce myself :) I'm Menthe, soon 26 (and that is not almost 30, not even close <_< ) and I'm kind of

obsessed with fashion. I study fashion, spend my money on expensive fashion magazines and hopefully one day will also make fashion too - now I only make clothes. I also am a bit of an internet addict and spend way too much time with my computer. Luckily I've found a boyfriend who is as much a nerd as I am or I would get into trouble with my online hours.

I will probably be found lurking around at the Models subforum most often. For some reason I'm very inspired by fashion photography and skinny girls in pretty dresses My favorite models are Lily Cole, Morgane Dubled, Darla Baker and Milagros Scmoll.

I'm also a huge Gael García Bernal fan and will take it upon myself to covert at least a couple of you into Gael adoration :p

It's nice to be here. This looks like an awesome place!

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