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I'm a Greek mythology and history buff, so I'm so going to see this! Leonidas of Thermopylae is one of the greatest stories out there. However, in reality, the 300 Spartans had the help of some 800 men from Athens. For some reason, history has forgotten about them.

Well they had more to begin with, but a local villager showed the persians a way to route the greeks position, leonidas dismissed the rest of the army apart from the 300 spartans and 700 thespians who volunteered to stay, with the 1000 phocians guarding the back route. The phocians are thought to have retreated from the persian immortals that advanced around the back route, leaving the spartans and thespians to be slaughtered.

The reason the spartans get the acclaim is because they led the defence, a where known as the fiercest warriors in greece.

Thats my understanding of it anyway....

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it's a good movie, but some people think its some sort of racism (with the persian empire and all, i've read some reviews on Yahoo! movies from persian/iranian people who were outraged by the move and call it "racist"), the others says its historically inaccurate but i don't really get what's the fuzz all about..i mean, come on..it came from a comic book. (and as far as ive seen, most comic books contains things that you see in your wildest dreams..hahaah things that are impossible :p )

if you like war, and bloodshed, then this movie is for you.

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actually it's history !and some things they say in some parts of the movie are unforgettable quotes ..like "Come and take them"="ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ" or like "come home with your shield or on it"= "H TAN H EPI TAS"!oh and the name Ephialtes(who was the trader) means nightmare !

overall the film is really great!you should all go and see it !i was very moved!PROUD TO BE GREEK :ridinghorse: !

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actually it's history

Eh, it's history in that there was a battle of Thermopylae, Xerxes and Leonidas were leaders,and some of the quotes used in the movie are real.

That's where it ends, really. The phalanx didn't really fight like that, and the Persians didn't employ monsters and beasts. They did employ light infantry, which crashed up against the phalanx, leaving a scene that resembled a meat grinder.

Anyway, the invasion still wasn't stopped until the Athenian navy sank the Persian fleet, leaving Xerxes without support.

Not to diminish the accomplishment of the 7,000 Greeks (300 of whom were Spartans) at Thermopylae by any means, though.

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