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Heyyy evryone! I'm relatively new and thought i'd say hey to evryone

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i voted hanna and :o!!! i cant believe that was her in the gucci envi me perfume ad! :o I saw it in a mag and was like :o shes gorg! awww i :heart: that pic :p PS hey persuazn! kl ur from downunder :p im originally from mongolia but now in the UK :wave: ive seen u around here, u post alot of gd stuff :D

Great choice :thumbsup: Some people think it's Avril Lavigne :laugh:

Yes the land down under :yes: where women glow and men plunder. Now I have that song stuck in my head :|

*looks under your avatar* I'm guessing you're from Wales :whistle:

Glad u think so :D I've been lazy lately :ninja:

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