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Well, Hello Hello...


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:wave: i am completely new to bellazon, i didn't even spend more than five minutes searching here

before i joined :p ... :ninja:

well my name is bridget. (as you can see from my member name, last name bardot.) please dont spell

it "brigitte" haha, i wouldn't do that amazing woman any justice. :p

let's see... i attended high school in southern california, and now i'm in my freshman year at princeton

in new jersey.

i am the only one of my friends who has this slight obsession with models and the industry itself... so

this forum is a new, welcoming, exciting discovery for me

and, well, you can tell who my "loves" are in my sig...

a picture of me is in my profile...

and ....

i just hope to get close to all of you and enjoy bellazon! :yes:

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why thank you... again! :p

i can actually ramble on about models here ... :clap:

none of the people i know really appreciate (let alone know ) models

hey, you have great taste in models too :shifty: :p

hahaha tell me about it... models have to be a secret addiction because ppl look at you in a funny way if you say you're interested in them :laugh: Bellazon and thefashionspot (along with modelhommes if you're interested in male models) are the best internet boards ever :clap:

thanks :hug:

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how many times i've gotten "that funny look," i wouldn't be able to count. :p

male models, eh? :woot:

i'm such a noob to the male model world, i have a few favorites but other than that,

they're foreign to me. :ninja: funny how girls are so obsessed with other girl models. you know?

do you have favorite male models? any recommendations for me, perhaps? :shifty:

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haha well i'm gay so you would assume i'd be more interested in male models but... they're really hot but a lot less interesting that female models IMO... plus it's way too frustrating because you almost fantasize about guys that you can never get (unless there's a bunch of male supermodels living next door )

But since you're asking here are some hot guys:

Will chalker, Eugen Bauder, Marios Lekkas - those a pure sex

Mathias Lauridsen - so hot and cute at the same time, he's got the face of an angel :drool:

Jérémy Dufour, Vincent Lacrocq, Kevin Flamme and all the French male models team - they're so hoooooooot, no need to say more :ninja: the French are doing great in the male models departement these days :woot:

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haha its cool that you think female models are more interesting b/c most of my gay guyfriends dont even glance twice at them. :idk: they're so

limited to male models only. :p but yeah, now that you mention it, it IS frustrating to fantasize about these supermodels you can never get.

:D :hug: thank you--- i'm going to go investigate them all :whistle:

(i only know & remember eugen bauder, because of that one picture where he had

"i'm shy but i've got a big dick" on his abs :rofl: ... :evil: how could one forget that.)

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