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hey everyone : )


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hey, : D

my name is helena yeung, but you can call me lenny :p

i am asian, born in hongkong, grew up in canada...

i'm new to bellazon, i knew what it was before... i just never got around to signing up : P

i'm still a student, and i love all sorts of music, and especially fashion, and models

sports is also an interest of mine.. and of course surfing the internet and such : )


i'm glad i joined, this place seems pretty fun : D

i'm looking forward to meeting all of you guys in bellazon and participating in the forums. : )

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Welcome Helena! You have a very beautiful name! :)

Make sure you enjoy this forum and if you have some photo's of Adriana Lima to share, don't hesitate to PM me or put them on the Adriana Lima section of this board.



:rofl: :p

anyways, Welcome to BZ Helena! :wave:

hope you have fun here.

who are you fav models btw? :hehe:

lol, i have so many favourite models!

but some are

andi muise, natalia vodianova, natasha poly, tiiu kuik, snejana onopka,

and moreeee

and smooth operator must really like adriana lima... haha :p

i have to admit i really like adriana as well ! (i think she was the first model i really ever liked) :p

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