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  1. Happy Birthday ^_^

  2. Happy Birthday Y! :)

  3. Hey everyone,i just wanted to say that i'm back.I'm sorry that i was gone for such a long time but i really didn't have the time anymore to come here.I really missed this place so i'm glad to be back
  4. Merry KISSmas and Happy Sexy New Year!!! Best Wishes, PinkCouture

  5. Eva Longoria Face: 9 Body: 8 Sexiness: 8 Natural Beauty: 8 Doutzen Kroes Face: 8 Body: 9 Sexiness: 9.5 Natural Beauty: 8 Miranda kerr Face: 9 Body: 10 Sexiness: 9 Natural Beauty: 9
  6. Yannick


    I hope he can be something extra for Brugge,but i don't know if he's going to be good enough.He was good for Germinal Beerschot and he scored allof of goals,but you can't say that our competition was of high quality last season and when he played for the red devils you could see he wasn't ready to play at that level.But who knows that maybe he can go to his next level with Brugge.And btw,the question is who wants to play for a "dikke nekken" club like Anderlecht
  7. Yannick

    Bellazon mix :D

    Here it is http://rapidshare.com/files/43981532/Bellazon_mix_3.wma.html Tracklist: The Klaxons-Gravity's Rainbow (Vanshe Tech SP mix) Spektrum-Kinda New (Dirty South '07 Remix) Sebastien Leger-Aqualight Tiga-You Gonna Want Me (Tocadisco Emergency Exit Remix) Justice-d.a.n.c.e. (mstrkrft mix) New young pony club-Ice Cream (VanSheTech remix) The Pussycat Dolls-Sway Sneaky Sound System - Tease me Michael Jackson - Bille Jean Kenna-Face The Gun Scorpions - White Dove The Klaxons-Golden Skans (SebastiAn version 1.2.0 Remix) Scissor Sisters-Shes My Man (Goose Remix Edit) Tiga-Louder Than A Bomb I-robots - frau (boys noize remix) De jeugd van tegenwoordig-Watskeburt?! (Tocadisco's Coffeeshop Is Burning) Digitalism-Pogo (Shinichi Osawa Remix) Oh and yeah there are about 2 minutes that you don't hear anything,i don't know why but i think it's the recording program,sorry about that.But the rest of the mix is good,if i say so myself Btw i used allot of elektro and house music because there weren't too many tracks to chose from,but now i can show the diversity in house and elektro music
  8. Yannick


    Can i have what's underneath the kits?
  9. Yannick


    Yeah allthough i think it will be a game were both teams will try out allot,i hope Georges will play in 3-4-3 like in our good days with Paul Put But i think he will play 3-5-2 I think we are Brugge's black sheep But i would rather want to lose next week then in the competition or cup But since when is Puma the shirt sponsor of Brugge? I allways thaught that it was Adidas
  10. Yannick


    She's young let her enjoy herself,i mean don't you go to party and stuff?It doesn't mean if you're famous that you can't do those things anymore.I don't think that's all because of drinking and smoking,i'm sure that is because of all the years she has to keep her weight,that takes a huge toll on you.That's ok,everyone has their opinion,and you should allways say it,it keeps things interesting
  11. Yannick


    It's just a practice game,but both teams have bought allot of new players and also both have a new trainers staff,so i'm curious
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