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RocketQueen vintage ID

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Hey, guys! I'm starting a new thread about all the models I can't id. I don't want to spam the general vintage ID thread. 


Here's the first batch of models I'm not familiar with (please, click on the photo to see bigger images). They are all from ALLURE, ANNA, BRIGITTE, CLEO AND COSMOPOLITAN issues, as well as  a Basile catalog, ranging from the early 80s to late 90s. I can provide more photos of a certain model if you wish.


I'm counting on you, I know how good you are at naming lesser known models. :flower:


@Minerva13 @Chirkomania @missparker7 @Dayrell @VogueGirl @kimflorida @90sModels @sanja @fumi @ArianaVSCouture @nightowl

Flirty Skirts,Allure Magazine, May 1994,jean louis gregoire 1-tile.jpg
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4 hours ago, RocketQueen said:

Could #19 be Sarah O'Hare?

Also, #41 - Frederique van der Wal?

@RocketQueen Yes 19# She is Sarah O'hare but 41#-It's impossible she could be Frederique Van Der Wal,because this Cosmopolitan magazine date cover is from 1983 and she won in 1985 Elite Model Look Contest.:heythere:

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4 hours ago, RocketQueen said:

Here's a new batch - all from Dolly magazine. @Chirkomania, work your magic! :56608ac1cc5a3_smilynewone:


(Click twice to enlarge it enough, it's a huge image.)



@RocketQueen You bring me out a real loud laugh!! Many thanks,:laugh::laugh: Always from my childhood ROBERTA CHIRKO caught my attention,she was the first,my ideal type of woman and years after I started to collect models stuff...and lasts until nowadays.Well,in the other hand I guess like everyone here more or less.;)

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Back in the day my dad worked at this place that a lot of British tourist would visit and they would forget their stuff quite often. So, that's how I got this magazine, plus a few other ones. I was a teen then and I hadn't started collecting anything, so those mags just cluttered my room and I threw them away. I had no idea that I would need them later on! Well, I don't personally need them anyways, I would have sent them to you. I believe the rest had interesting editorials in them too. Anyway, as I told you already, if I ever remember the magazine or come across it, I'll message you. :)

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