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  1. Ashley Richardson

    Thanks @missparker7
  2. Gail Elliott

    Goodness me. Magnificent.
  3. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    I agree. If they wish to focus on obesity and handicapped athletes, then that's fine. They should go all in and make the magazine about praising those people. What's happening at the moments is a confusing mix that doesn't appeal to anyone. We're living in a different age to even just a few years ago. Compare the current issue to one from even seven or eight years ago. A different culture now. Maybe they could do two magazines - one focusing on the SI that people already know and one that follows all the new fickle trends and fashions.
  4. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    It was a new low for the magazine. I'd literally lost interest after a day or so. Lots of unmemorable girls and a few that (frankly) have no place in SI. You know who I'm talking about. I found some of the layouts bordering on repulsive - I'm just a normal, young heterosexual guy. Perhaps I'm not the target audience any more.
  5. Martha Hunt

    Martha Hunt is one of the most stunning looking girls on the planet and yet time after time, designers and so forth seem to want to make her look as weird or unusual as possible.
  6. Gail Elliott

    @missparker7These are lovely. Thanks so much!
  7. Brenda Schad

    Thanks everyone, all Brenda pictures gratefully appreciated.
  8. Stephanie Seymour

    @brazilianaffair Those Escada shots are lovely. Thanks.
  9. Stephanie Seymour

    @brazilianaffair These are wonderful. Thanks.
  10. Romee Strijd

    I wonder what the genetic probability is of looking like this... That would make a good mathematical study.
  11. Romee Strijd

    New Instagram
  12. Gail Elliott

    @ArianaVSCoutureThose Armani ones are amazing. Thanks.
  13. Brenda Schad

    OMG. Those Prada shots are so good. Never see much Brenda from the old days.
  14. Elaine Irwin

    Lovely pictures, everyone. Thanks.
  15. 2018 SI Swimsuit

    I know what you mean. This thing only comes around once a year. To wait twelve months for that. Just endless photoshoots of women who simply don't belong in a magazine that is supposed to be the absolute gold-standard for sexy girls in bikinis. Like someone else said, you only need to go back some ten years to see how it has nose-dived. And then further back, the 80s and 90s seem like the holy grail now.