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  1. fumi

    Romee Strijd

    @RebelleFleur Where is that from? It might be the best picture I've ever seen of her.
  2. fumi

    Gail Elliott

    Wow, @missparker7 those are stunning. Thanks. by the way, that last shot also appears in Marie Claire Japan (I think from from around the same time) but the background is different.
  3. fumi

    Tyra Banks

    @valeadicto Thanks for the GENTE Argentina layout. I'd never seen that before.
  4. fumi

    Gail Elliott

    @ArianaVSCouture Amazing stuff, as always.
  5. fumi

    Helena Barquilla

    Nice one, Rosie. There can never be enough Helena.
  6. fumi

    Gail Elliott

    Gail's Instagram
  7. fumi

    Gail Elliott

    I think I need to lie down.
  8. fumi

    Yasmeen Ghauri

    @RocketQueen Wonderful. Thanks, Rosie.
  9. fumi

    Romee Strijd

    I understand that but those urls still go through your ISP. I don't want that. ImageTwist should be a banned content host provider on here. Just my opinion, of course.
  10. fumi

    Romee Strijd

    Great post but do you have to use image twist? Their porn pop-ups are horrendous. Surely there are other options? Don't wish to sound ungrateful but having these images result in sex-cams windows is not good.
  11. fumi

    Ashley Richardson

    April 1986.
  12. fumi

    Ashley Richardson

    More stunning pictures. I, too, follow her Instagram. She sometimes posts quite rare and personal pictures you wouldn't find anywhere else.
  13. fumi

    Ashley Richardson

    Incredible stuff. Thanks, @snmkytkn and Rosie.
  14. fumi

    Gail Elliott

    Stunning. Especially the second one.
  15. fumi

    Tatiana Sorokko