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  1. Magical. The last one of Julie leaning against the wire fence is such an iconic image for me. It's not especially stunning or anything but her pose and the quality of the light make it unforgettable. Wherever she is now, I hope she's doing ok. 🤎
  2. These are wonderful. Thank you.
  3. Stunning. Thank you. 💐
  4. These Hispard shots are fantastic. I've seen theses and the Ashley Richardson shots before but not in this quality. He was a great photographer that will be sadly missed. He had a way of capturing the youthful, healthy energy of these girls from days long gone. 🤎
  5. Lovely Belinda. Thank you.
  6. Escada 1991 Scanned by me Apple M1 & VueScan 9 Epson V550 - 24Bit Color - 400ppi Restoration & Color Corrections - Adobe Photoshop Uncompressed TIFF File & Lossy JPEG JPEG Image(s) - (TIFF Files shown as attachments) Stephanie Seymour - Escada.tif
  7. Wow. Thank you so much. Alison Moir is so rare. Those lovely 'kitty' looks. Never seen anyone like her. 🤎🤎
  8. Incredible. Thank you. 💐
  9. @BlueAcadia yes, thank you. She is amazing.
  10. So many of these I've never seen. Thanks as always. Revlon & GIANNI VERSACE COUTURE advertisement - VOGUE Germany October 1989 - those are incredible.
  11. Lovey pictures. Thanks.
  12. @missparker7 Incredible. Thank you for these.
  13. @missparker7 These are lovely, thanks.
  14. Pity you didn't grab that commercial. It's long gone now.
  15. There's a hair commercial out there somewhere. Reverse Image search on Yandex says August 25th 1991 but I've trawled YouTube.
  16. @ArianaVSCouture Incredible. Thank you.
  17. @Shale586 Great work. . Much appeciated.
  18. The magazines can be replaced. You, on the other hand...
  19. Those are spectacular. Thanks for posting them.
  20. @missparker7 Lovely, Thank you.
  21. @RocketQueen Thank you.
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