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  1. @kimflorida She is Jo Neal
  2. Tracy Toon Spanish DUNIA magazine, # 222 Week from April 2 to 22, 1986 By Oliviero Toscani Source: My Scan
  3. Amanda Masters Spanish DUNIA, # 252 Week from March 28 to April 10, 1988 By Jean Pierre Ledos Source: My Scan
  4. @Vogue Girl # 1 She is Madeleine Robinson
  5. Ana Lucia Spanish DUNIA Magazine, #º 264 Week from December 4 to 1, 1987 By Cees Van Gelderen Source: My Scan
  6. Wendy Visser DUNIA Magazine, #º 282 Week from August 29 to September 11, 1988 By Jean Françoise Talivez Source: My Scan
  7. Great work @RocketQueen for this very rare and difficult to find Australian VOGUE,specially this Robyn MacKintosh cover
  8. Sorry @RocketQueen This editorial features Micky,another redhead but not Karina,I know they look alike each other...
  9. @miss sorry but she is not Vanessa Lorenzo.
  10. Spanish ELLE, # 121, October 1996 "Lo más largo del largo invierno" editorial by William Garrett Source: My Scan. I like too much this editorial,it seems like a gothic fairy tale with Michelle like a beauty witch from the woods.I like the atmosphere of it... Michelle was a model pretty sensual and elegant at the same time,too hot
  11. @fender sorry but she is not Roberta Chirko.She is an argentinian model called Cecilia de Bocourt.In this interivew from a Spanish RAGAZZA magazine(1#)she told this pic you posted of her (I lost precisely that page) was her first important job,an advertising of Giorgio Armani who personally single out in her. The 2# are from an italian advertising of her, # 3 an spanish magazine cover mia and the last one from an italian ELLE 1#- 2#- 3#- 4#
  12. They are Claude Heidemeyer; Tasha de Vasconcelos and redhead model is unknown to me.
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