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  1. US HARPER'S BAZAAR,February 1989 "EAST SPICES WEST" by Rico Puhlmann Source: My Scan
  2. Yeah @Dayrell She is Catherine Spanish mia, # 403, Week from July 4 to 10 1994 By Giovanni Lunardi (as well your first PIU BELLA cover) Source: My Scan
  3. azur de PUIG,Eau de Toilette,Spanish T.V. Commercial, 1996 Roberta appears alongside of unknown male model;She is so natural and beauty as always.In his day to see it I always wanted to be him...LOL Roberta Chirko By Azur de Puig Eau de Toilette,TV Commercial Spain.mp4
  4. U are welcome @Dayrell always it's my pleasure
  5. Thank you for being so kind
  6. @missparker7 u are welcome,It's my pleasure.I've always been attracted to redheaded people,I like them,they are special for me because except in Scotland and Ireland they are very few in other countries.In the case of Angie Everhart and Nancy Moran they are very,very HOT LOL
  7. US ELLE, September 1986 "ELLE KNITING 13" alongside one of the model twins Salvator by Greg Kent Source: My Scan
  8. Spanish Lifestyle pronto magazine, "MODA pronto",September 1988 Source: My Scan
  9. Spanish Lifestyle pronto magazine, circa 1988 Source: My Scan
  10. @RocketQueen @missparker7 and @Dayrell he have to reactivate and give it more life to this thread.Cara was a real,real beauty with a doll face don't u think so?
  11. Terry Farrell Spanish GRECA magazine, # 97,September,1985 By Colleen Murphy Source: My Scan
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