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  1. Thanks,You're very welcome @BlueAcadia
  2. Many thanks for this readhead ID Model @BlueAcadia
  3. LOL the funiest thing is that I don't like her at all !!!! its profesionl deformation u know @BlueAcadiaI recognize ID models but many times I don't like them at all
  4. She is not Mara nothing at all.This Model have black eyes and Mara has blue eyes.The nose is also different.
  5. @BlueAcadia She is Stephanie Schneider
  6. I got this magazine that featured a Roberta Chirko's editorial and this ID Model is a total mistery for me too since a pretty long time ago. One thing is clear: Her comp card or her Head-sheet doesn't appear in Peter Marlowe composites web so it's a hard job like another models who doesn't appear over there and I found out through another sources mostly Agency models books.
  7. You're very welcome @missparker7
  8. You're very welcome @BlueAcadia
  9. Sorry @BlueAcadiaShe is Sam Gold not Kerrie Allen.
  10. She is model turned actress Pamela Gidley.
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