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The greatest models' challenge season4. THE BEST COVER


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Thank you for you who voted in the poll and results showed that it's going to be the THE BEST COVER CHALLANGE. the idea is mine, Taben improved it.

Rules, please read!

again 32 models

you can (have) suggest models

each model has to have 4 covers, whose less or more would be:

- one edgy cover

- one original cover

- one natural cover

- one classically beautiful cover

first 32 models will participate in Challange, it depends on you

please PM me pics, it will be more intersting :fun:

People who sent pics will be credited (names will be written beside model's name)

please be active with pics, i'll search them alone for months :cry:

i guess it's everything what i wanted to say, if you have any questions, ask :)

edit: oh and during voting please objective, vote for really beautiful covers not for model you love, well unless you're such fan as lindissima & Co, we'll understand this then

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1. Julia Stegner

2. Lily Cole

3. Natalia Vodianova

4. Eugenia Volodina

5. Snejana Onopka

6. Gemma Ward

7. Hilary Rhoda

8. Daria Werbowy

9. Caroline Trentini

10. Tiiu Kuik

11. Hana Soukupova

I sent u their pics :)

It's a shame Inguna has no original covers :(

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me too :)

But i hope the top3 will be not like Andrea's guess :/

I'm excited too :woot:

I kind of hope the final 3 are Snejana, Gemma and Daria :ninja:

If Ben chooses wisely (I'm sure he will) I'll be voting for their covers even if they're against my ones :|

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as far true list is this:


1. julia Stegner

2. Lily Cole

3. Natalia Vodianova

4. Tii Kiuk

5. Hana Soukupova

6. Eugenia Volodina

7. Adriana Lima

8. Lily Donaldson




i can't wait11! the covers are gorgeous, yay i could say one model stunned me, i didn't like her yearlier but those covers...

btw i was sent covers of Adriana, but they weren't called edgy, natural ... i tried to call them myself :/ at least i tried

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