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  1. CW11's Emily Frances interviews Selena Gomez
  2. From Selena's Myspace :
  3. Selena and her best friend Demi Lovato (from Disney's Camp Rock)
  4. Selena Gomez (born July 22, 1992) is an American child actress and singer. She is currently starring as Alex Russo on the Disney Channel Original Series, Wizards of Waverly Place. Gomez also has a career as a singer, and has recorded two songs for Walt Disney Records and sang several songs while on Barney & Friends with her Barney co-star Demi Lovato, who currently stars in Disney's Camp Rock. Selena Gomez was born in New York City, and raised in Grand Prairie, Texas. Her first role was on Barney & Friends as Gianna. Gomez was discovered by Disney in a nation wide Disney talent search when she was 10 years old. In 2006, she guest starred in the second-season of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody as Gwen in the episode A Midsummer's Nightmare. Also in 2007, she appeared in the second-season episodes of Hannah Montana as Mikayla, a pop star who is a rival of Hannah Montana. She currently stars as Alex Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place, which premiered on October 2007 on Disney Channel. She is also currently co-starring with Drew Seeley in the sequel to the hit movie A Cinderella Story called Another Cinderella Story as the main character Mary. Gomes performs the opening song for Wizards of Waverly Place. Gomez contributed a cover of the classic Cruella De Vil for the 101 Dalmatians platinum DVD and DisneyMania 6. In 2008, she was shown in the Jonas Brothers music video Burnin' Up. Images removed due to expiry - post edited by Kevork89
  5. Michaela Hlavackova Chiara Baschetti Rianne Ten Haken Filippa Hamilton Katja Shchekina Polina Kouklina Julie Ordon Irina Sheik Anja Rubik Michaela Hlavackova Gemma Ward Erin Wasson
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    hoping things work out
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  8. dude if i saw her on the streets in ny... i would faint. or cry. or die. she is the most goregous thing ever!
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    having mixed feelings...
  10. GET SMART!!! it was amazingly funny. my mom and i were like the only ones laughing though.... really loudly.... people thought something was wrong with us...
  11. wow! i really NEED to go there! and is that rlly the pool from nelly's my place video?
  12. i wish she'd get more modeling gigs!
  13. they're all so pretty! i can't decide who i like best!
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    thanks for the interview!
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