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Candice Swanepoel


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^ I hadn't comment 0.o, I made two same post.

That's what i'm saying "luckily i saved my post before cause saving and uploading etc was taking forever" , i made 2 same post at 10:15 first i posted the cover and while i was saving the rest, i made the same post at 10:17 to be sure


So in brief, you did a repost of your own post, and then, you edited your repost to do a repost of my post instead of your repost ? Am i right ? :D

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Does anyone has a list of stuff Candice did for VS? I emailed models.com because they haven't listed all of work she did for VS, and they told me to send them all that is missing so they see if they should add it. I know few of campaigns and adds they didn't added, but I don't know all. Is there some site, forum, anything where that information exists.

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