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You can upload to imgur (I think limit is 5 MB for a gif) and then post a BB code:





edit: I just checked, gif limit is 50 MB.

Thank you for explaining this i am so bad with stuff like this .. Every time i see a cute GIF of her i really want to add i can't because i had no clue how to. You guys are great! x

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You have help here: https://help.imgur.com/hc/en-us/articles/201767293-Get-Started


You don't have to create an account or use Android/iOS apps, just scroll down to: "Desktop: There are three main ways to upload on Imgur." and go from there.

Just remember to copy the code that goes:


Thank you i just made an account but now i finally know how to add photos etc here and not have them show tiny ! Woohooo x

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Just a note, imgur is great for gifs and instagram reposts (or some smaller photos) but if you plan to post plenty of photos in one post, and they are bigger then it's best to post on imgbox.

I have a lot to upload and i think the imgur one you gave me is the easiest to use. I have years worth of photos and videos to add that i haven't seen on here so now i can finally get round to sharing some photos.  :flower:

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