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  1. E! Is one of the more trusted sites imo, if you want to compare it to a million other gossip sites. But...when I posted it on my site, I also tagged it under rumors until confirmed by Candice herself. I love your site btw! :wub2:
  2. 1. Same and for some time now. 2. No .All articles say the exact same thing copy paste journalism and all say contacted Candice's rep with no comment given.
  3. No one have any new updates yet? It's been forever ..........
  4. Getting bullied and abused by a guy who can't even grow a beard highlight of my day Welcome to Candices thread where the men talk to woman like trash and its excepted really they should be banned..........
  5. Not sure exactly what the issue is, but none of the vines are working If you try this one it will take you to them all anyway http://vine.co/u/942907298140049408
  6. Maybe if you went looking through pages, you'd realize many of the photos you posted were posted years ago anyway so yes, i agree, most of the posts should be deleted. And now I will keep quiet because I like Bz I posted in better quality and the unseen were from her public fb like page like i said ...Also will not be uploading anything again have 400 plus vids and 1000s of photos i want off my drive so thanks to you and your bully team mate they will remain unseen ..funny how your backing off now proven to be a bully huh ...
  7. MOD please delete all my posts i no longer wish to share my efforts with bullies
  8. Maybe if you went looking yourself through like pages etc but your lazy and just stalk her friends and repost there ig posts on her but that isn't considered personal hmmm sure! Great logic!...I was nice enough to share there was no need to start calling names because i used my own time to find these from a PUBLIC FACEBOOK LIKE PAGE RUN BY CANDICE HERSELF! 2 very nasty rude people what goes around comes around.
  9. Umm what the hell last time i EVER upload anything so ungrateful and no one was stalked on FB or anywhere else. Some of these she uploaded on her OWN FB LIKE page run by HER! Damn hypocrites..
  10. I will do more photos tomorrow i hope there are some new there or at least better quality than previous posts x
  11. I have a lot to upload and i think the imgur one you gave me is the easiest to use. I have years worth of photos and videos to add that i haven't seen on here so now i can finally get round to sharing some photos.
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