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GLAM ROYALE - Tartan + plaid [Opening Segment]
- Taylor opened
- Behati closed
- Leela James performed
Taylor, Alexina, Yasmin, Jo, Gigi, Sara, Aiden, Liu, Kendall, Jasmine, Behati


GOLDEN ANGELS - Portrait of an Angel ripoff
- Candice opened
- Romee closed
- Kelsea Ballerini and The Chainsmokers performed
Candice, Stella, Baraba Palvin, Ming, Herieth, Lorena, Jourdana, Romee


FLIGHTS OF FANCY - So many feathers. Silver Screen Angels ripoff
- Adriana opened
- Elsa closed [FB]
- Halsey performed
Adriana, Martha, Devon, Winnie, Toni, Bella, Gizele, Alannah, Frida, Kelly, Elsa


DOWNTOWN ANGELS - The "if we can use swim, we can use sport" section
- Stella opened
- Martha closed
- Rita Ora performed
Stella, Behati, Bella, Sadie, Barbara Palvin, Lameka, Georgia, Ming, Martha


PINK - Self explanatory
- Zuri opened
- Not sure who closedÔĽŅ
- Bebe Rexha performed
Zuri, Maggie, Grace


MARY K X VS - Tragic
- Jasmine opened
- Jo closed
- Shawn Mendes performed
Jasmine, Yasmin, Mayowa, Alexina, Winnie, Nadine, Gigi, Aiden,  Duckie, Liu, Devon, Sui, Jo


CELESTIAL ANGELS - Black and white and STARS EVERYWHERE [Closing Segment]
- Lais opened
- Adriana closed 
- The Struts performed
 Lais, Candice, Grace Bol, Jourdana, Romee, Barbara F, Cindy, Kendall, Elsa, Taylor, Sui, Sara, Adriana


@ me and I'll make changes. Enough changes and I'll requote it with all the updates. 

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1 minute ago, Maggiemay said:

Take a shot every time a Sara fan complains about VS giving nothing to Sara


Sara fans are the new Behati fans :D


1 minute ago, llekel said:


Closing the segment used to not even be a thing... Non-angels closing all sorts of segments. Its only become a thing in the last few years.


Karlie closed the whole show the first time she did it!

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