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  1. On Kate & Oliver Hudson’s podcast... pretty sure it’s out tomorrow - http://listen.cloud10.fm/siblingrevelry_ig?c=5BaIlDvDjz-xsmlGPuc5iw&h=7547b07a83eaf52ba
  2. I’m with ya Schemer..... #wearamask #whatlikeitshard ..... yikes
  3. i swear to god danilo hates her
  4. apologies, had already been posted
  5. They were seen together when she was in Cannes in May.
  6. he was all over his ig story around 4th of july
  7. i think they’re done. she picked the only one you can’t see his face in. also, he got a new dog. and he was nowhere in sight 4th of July, she was with her family for once.
  8. I’m so sick of her being used for fragrance campaigns... VS is missing her potential.
  9. Mackinley & Chase are super into Pink Floyd/other classic rock
  10. she never does..... kinda over it
  11. I think Taylor can pull just about anything off, but who thought all of that together was a good look?
  12. wowza. she just gets more and more beautiful.
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