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Uhm, unless they're hiding in invisible posts, then no they're not. I checked the previous pages. Yes you already mentioned Montana but I wanted to include one of the more standard site pictures since she looks slightly different there than in the ad thing you posted. And Nadine got IDed but I wanted to include a link to her BZ page. Those were the only two who had been mentioned before.


The other six were not on here already.

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8 minutes ago, Jackconstantino said:

Modelknowledge,  i would appreciate help in id'ing this beautiful model currently on the Nelly.com website.  Thank you in advance.







Already posted in the merged forum but doubt i will get a response



I think it's  Lini Kennedy. 

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this is not in the correct place. please add models you know have worked for Nelly.

@mikeh and i compiled a list from the old thread



Aarika Wolf

Abby Brothers
Alena Shishkova

Alexandra Burman

Ali Collier

Amy Jackson

Aurelia Gliwski

Alba Galocha

Antonia Malm

Beatriz Fernandez

Brooke Hogan

Barbora Pracharova
Cara Delevingne
Camilla Forchhammer Christensen

Caillin Russo

Cassie Amato
Cindy Mello
Chloe Lloyd

chloé lecareux

Carmella Rose

Carolina Sanchez
Daniela Lopez Osorio
Danielle Knudson
Diana Morales
Dree Hemingway

Ebonee Davis

Elsa Hosk

Emilia Lantz

Francesca Defty

Gabrielle Pollock

Gia Johnson Signh

Hanna Edwinson
Herika Noronha

Isabel Cañete
Jena Goldsack

Jacqueline Oloniceva

Jamie Gunns

Johanna Durhone
Jessica Marshall

Jessica Roffey
Julie Rode

Johanna Lundback

Joanna Halpin

Kate Harrison
Katherine Henderson
Kelly Gale

Kenza Zouiten

Klara Wester

Kristina Kasakova

Kyra Santoro

Jamie Gunns

Lauren Auerbach

Lauren Ridealgh

Lini Kennedy Oliveira

Lorena Rae Rape

Luisa Hartema

Lana Zakocela

Luma Grothe

Maja Elmstrom

Mariya Vinogradova

Maja Krag

Mathilda Jansson
Mathilda Bernmark

Mathilde Gøhler Jensen

Michea Crawford

Michelle Zwaal

Margaux Vestermark

Meredith Mickelson

Montana Bloom

Nataniele ribiero

Nina Agdal

Nadine Leopold

Natalie Suliman

Nastassia Staz Lindes

Nerea Arce
Nicole Meyer

Rachel Hilbert

Ray Bittencourt

Sara Bramely

Signe Belfiore

Sofia Mattsson

Sharam Dinz

Stephanie Cam

Terra Jo Wallace

Tess Montgomery
Taylor Hannum

Tsanna Latouche

Tyrie Rudolph

Valeria Dos Santos

Vanessa Moe

Violet Budd

Vika Bronova

Xenia Deli

Yara Khmidan

Zoe Mantzakanis


please add them its too much work for two people. 

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