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  1. Guys Please, Dont You know Who is this ? http://images.asos-media.com/inv/media/5/2/8/7/4727825/gold/image1xxl.jpg
  2. Everyone likes something different. I dont deny it. She has a nice voice with High notes. Something like Mariah Carey & Jessica Alba looks like. But for VSFS ? Maybe in a few years.(IMHO)
  3. I also think that Pharrell would be Goal. He has no scandals & the last album was great. And yeah, Pharrell is for me one of the best dressed men in showbiz. On the other hand, I can not imagine that on the VSFS will sing Ariana Grande. Please, Just do not. I feel that for a while she pops up on our refrigerator,lol. Because she is everywhere ! Miley would be a better choice.I like "Bangerz ". But she must be controlled. :blueeyedbaby: Iggy would be a great person for PiNK segment. But not as a headliner. It wants the huge bomb. By the way, my favorite year is one where the Usher performs. I mean, first segment with Usher (Glamour Goddess) was amazing... It's rhythm, stylish, it was not trashy. And Girls looks so good. Especially Adriana with Doutzen. 2008 is my favorite !
  4. She is totally beautiful !
  5. Hello, im the new one. So...Yeah, I hope Beyonce will not go to the show for 2014. Most of her songs bores me ! Every year comes to show someone who release the album. Secretly I believe that I will see Pharrell, Chris Brown or Jennifer Lopez. I can imagine a segment which in models walking around Pharrell, with the song "Come get it bae " Or J.Lo ! Her performances are always full of energy. And Chris Brown,he will have a new album in September. Certainly be full of good hits. BTW - I cant wait to see, who will open the show this year... But I am convinced that it will be Adriana, Candice or (my secret wish) Behati.
  6. Girls, who is this lovely model, please ? She works for Nelly, also... http://nlyscandinavia.scene7.com/is/image/nlyscandinavia/737464-2350_1?$nelly_392x523$&cropN=0.02,0,0.955,1
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