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Signe Belfiore

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ANONYMOUS: So morbidly beautiful! how is the easiest to get into the model industry?

Answer: Oh, thank you very much!

The easiest way is that someone in the fashion industry become aware of one and really want to invest in one but it is also very difficult to go that way (as you might imagine yourself, it is not always have time / inclination to do so). Hardest way to go and also the easiest is to email and send pictures to modeling agencies (sthlm group and Micah for example.). Or better yet visit their office so they can see you live! That's a hard way to go but it lags in and really want to model so it is the easiest path. Just remember that there are many who may be denied the first time but try again and again. One can only guess how many emails they receive every day! :-)

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