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The 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


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We should start a #StopCoveringLaisUp campaign. It's a crime against humanity, is what it is.


Stella's second outfit looks better than the first and the backstage pics are nice but the make up is just too much, you can see the lights literally reflecting on her face.


I love Barbara Fialho's black wings.


This is the first year when Pink isn't the most hideous mix of colours of all segments, the Road Ahead is so much worse in that department.


I finally saw the dragon and now I understand all the comments earlier in the thread. What were they thinking?!?

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Love Adriana’s walk! She is feeling herself! And oh my, I didn’t expect her backside to be so exposed! :D But it’s good, its high time to bring some cheeky sexiness to the VS lingerie show instead of everything being so covered up by elaborate costumes.


It’s fun to see someone not afraid to go for the over-the-top sexy walk.

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1 minute ago, peroxideblonde said:


Thank you so much! But, they again covered her from head to toe. I mean her body would fit right into golden era of VS, so maybe they are covering her because there are lot more skinny hf girls, so that people can't see the difference. I don't understand VS logic, what was the point of Irina finally doing the show covered up like it is Victorian era.

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