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11 minutes ago, Prettyphile said:

You mean filmed a clip while she was on set shooting for SI in December and telling her she was rookie of the year before voting had even started. :rofl:


Yes, all rookies do. Didn’t Kate Bock say as much?

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I believe they also film clips of all models that they can then play if the model gets the cover. That’s why Gigi sounded like she got the cover in the bag last year. Hailey, on the other hand, didn’t even really want to speculate even though she had to talk about the potential of being on the cover.

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Here is footage of Kate Bock thanking for being voted Rookie of the Year. I think it was shot on location at the same time she did her shoot:


SI Swimsuit 2013, Rookie Of The Year Winner



If I recall right, she said in an interview that she didn’t think the footage would see the light of day but then she actually won.

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Let me start:

Kate: there were no need 3 cover of her. I think is not legit no more with making 3 covers, I find it pretty stupid.She looks pretty in  all of them. the first one should had been the only cover. 

SI knew how much she can sell and bring SI back on track. That's why they chose her. They were probably so desperate and decided to bring Kate back. And Kate knows she is cover worth it. It Is a bummer for the girls. It sucks to be them. 


Chrissy: I really don't get all the hate she gets. She is cute and has a decent body. She look pretty good this year edition they were some really nice photos of her that I like. 


Fergie: I don't get the hate, to me she look pretty good. 


I didn't bother to look at Athletes, Sam, Ashley, Robyn and Nina's photos at all. I don't care about them I don't like them. 


Rookies: my favorite is Vita. Lais was nice too but she bores me same with Kelly.

I was surprise with Myla she looks decent her face looks pretty nice, she kind off reminds me Phoebe Token.

Mia Kang is a big fat NO NO NO NO NO. 

Danielle: I totally forgot about her. 

Bianca: is just a NO to me her mouth is so annoying/ugly. I found her ugly. Her winning ROTY was rigged. 


My favorite model for this year is Miss Palvin. She is cover worth it. 








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2017 cover model videos:


Kate Upton's Effortlessly Gorgeous Return To SI Swimsuit | Intimates | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit



Kate Upton Embraces Her Newfound Confidence In Fiji | Uncovered | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit



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1 minute ago, jj3 said:

Sooooo, here my humble opinion about the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue 2017.

First of all, Kate Upton multiple covers. What a great idea :D I love them. They are not super original, but for the return of Kate, in the top of the top, i can only applause to that. Kate herself is looking GOOD, she has always been that, and more than ever for this new issue. But she's not my top fave for this time, that's why i will do my top ! 


1/ Bojana Krsmanovic

2/ Kate Upton

3/ Lais Ribeiro

4/ Hailey Clauson

5/ Rose Bertram

6/ Hannah Ferguson

7/ Barbara Palvin

8/ Nina Agdal

9/ Samantha Hoopes

10/ Christie Brinkley


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I think even if SI knew beforehand, Bianca didn’t, her reaction seems real:


Bianca Balti Shows You Why She's 2017 Rookie Of The Year | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit



Or she might simply be one of those people who think “don’t count your chickens before they hatch” and only later truly believed she got the title.

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45 minutes ago, selyoink said:

I really regret looking at Kate Bock's pics, what a disaster, poor girl isn't great by any means but not that bad either.


1 hour ago, jkjk said:

The Hannah F and Kate Bock shoots are rough. For me, I don't think they have looked worse. It's obviously not their fault, but I wonder if they are disappointed.


The styling was awful. But they both seem like their thinness is giving them a zombie like look. There is a harshness in the eyes and the hair is just tragic. 



How does Upton have so much pull. She had a few years of relevance but I thought she fell just as fast as she rose. Maybe the magazine is just that desperate. 


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Because Kate drives sales. ^

Talk show hosts like her.

Majority of men like her.

Her breasts are wonderful.



Plus look at some of the other "top contender's" that had below average/bad shoots, Nina. Babs IMO wasn't that great. Rose coulda bumped her but she doesn't have the same presence 

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