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Miss Popularity... RESULTS


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6 minutes ago, Limerlight said:

plus I personally had not seen probably 3/4 of these girls before this comp so it was interesting to see some new faces I had not seen.


I thought I was the only one who didn't know all the models before the comp started. :smile:

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35 minutes ago, lostdiadem said:

Actually, as far as I know her, she kinda stopped modeling and she has less fans than she used to have or she deserves, that's why I'm surprised she's high in this competition since we have to look to popularity here and not judging their beauty.


Tho I'm surprised to see so many new faces in the top20/10, especially I'm surprised to see Cameron placed so high when she started modeling just now and she has to be known way more, Idk I'm confused but happy at the same time :rofl:


What about Irina beating Clara? :chicken:

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3 hours ago, Prettyphile said:

I was beyond shocked to see the return of Petra


I love it! Such a thrill to see her at number FIVE. Being one of the most beautiful women in the world and in some ways a bit underrated/flying under the radar since she never worked much with VS or other fashion brands and stopped active modelling quite early must have endeared her to a lot of people.

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