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Miss Popularity... RESULTS


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- The Results -

Carolina Sanchez
Bojana Krsmanovic
Brooke Perry

Total Team Points - 552

Most Valuable Team Player - Bojana Krsmanovic



Ming Xi
Jessica Stam
Samantha Gradoville

Total Team Points - 398

Most Valuable Team Player -  Jessica Stam

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Gigi Midgley

661de7523549406.jpg fc79f0523549407.jpg f03e66523549408.jpg


Sandra Kubicka

5e2463519011483.jpg 0e72bb519011484.jpg 811fb5519011485.jpg


Gemma Ward

fcde9f522071662.jpg 2aee0e522071667.jpg a14af9522071668.jpg


Alena Podloznaya

061cf7521523327.jpg 25e357521523332.jpg f955e0521523333.jpg


Alessandra Ambrosio

jkxkAThN.jpg be9d3Vho.jpg 8EOZuTCl.jpg 


Ashley Smith

583f78522256620.jpg 29e6a3522256624.jpg 9f2fc3522256629.jpg




  • Six models have been randomly paired, and are not to be compared against each other.
  • Each model will be given a score between 1 & 5 based on how much you like them. Any score combinations between 1 & 5 are okay.
  • Examples





  • Each model must be given a score and 0 does not count

Gigi Midgley
Sandra Kubicka
Gemma Ward
Alena Podloznaya
Alessandra Ambrosio
Ashley Smith

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