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The truth about Eugenia Volodina


The truth about Eugenia Volodina  

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  1. 1. What do you think of Eugenia ?

    • Beautiful features, killer body: gorgeous woman and a great model !
    • She's cute !
    • I don't mind her
    • She has her moments but overall she's not really my taste
    • I just trhew up on my keyboard when i saw the pics...

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i agree with marisa, but then i see california blondes like that every single day and they say hey why dont you like blondes and i wish i could use this smiley in real life :trout:

and everyone is entitled to their opinions so it doesnt bother me you dont bree, i just dont voice my opinion if i dont like a model, i keep it on the down low except for alessandra :ninja:

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