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The Bellazon Cup of Nations IV


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Ginta Lapina vs. Petra Nemcova**  19.25 - 34.82 [49.75 - 30%]
Ieva Laguna vs. Hana Soukupova** 31.6 - 26.18 [37.4 - 30%]
Lana Zakcela vs. Tereza Smejkalova 57.6 - 29.6



LATVIA moves on to Rechange 6 :weightlift:  :weightlift:  :weightlift:
Czech Republic is eliminated from the competition :cry: :cry: :wave:

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1: Katsia Zingarevich x3 vs. Rosie Huntington Whiteley - 130% handicap. Not a fan, but she owns Agent Provacateur and the red carpet (Y) .
2: Maryna Linchuk x1.5 vs. Jourdan Dunn x1.5
3: Zhenya Katava x3 vs. Rosie Tapner

As a side note, after looking at videos, I've swapped my opinions of Candice Boucher and Tanya M. :mellow:  .

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After this last Rep round, those with teams still in the comp may pick newer pictures of their models if they so choose.

What are the teams that are still in? :)


1: Katsia Zingarevich vs. Rosie Huntington Whiteley = 1.60 x 1.40

2: Maryna Linchuk vs. Jourdan Dunn = 1 x 2

3: Zhenya Katava vs. Rosie Tapner = 0.50 x 2.50

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@PC I'll let you know for sure in two days, but your Latvian team for sure & peroxideblonde's Russian team


Latvia 1: Ginta Lapina: , Ieva Laguna [C] Lana Zakcela [C]


Russia 3: Natasha Poly [A] Kate Grigorieva [C] Tanya Mityushina [C]

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