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Bar Refaeli


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Thanks domino. Here is the translated article. So they are shooting scenes for the reality show in the middle of the desert, near Massada. :)



wijn and LoveBarRefaeli, THANKS for some of the great new Passionata F/W collection pictures ! :wub: She looks amazing, so classy and sexy!

I know Bar and Assi make a lovely pair, but he is first and foremost her dear friend! ;)

Thank you very much Alice for the clip! :wave: I have never seen it before and Bar was so stunning at that Moscow Escada event!

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Could it be Maxim she's shooting for?

Never seen it before too, thanks Alice :flower:


How cute are they :wub:


hmm who's that guy ??? :blush:

Bar looks so cute! she's beautiful :wub:

It's her friend I think... and yes, she's so so so so cute *-* Adorable... She might be such a great friend and person to meet

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Bar wrote to Assi-

I hope you change your sexual identity this year,then we'll get married :)

Who is Assi?

Could it be Maxim she's shooting for?

Never seen it before too, thanks Alice :flower:


How cute are they :wub:


hmm who's that guy ??? :blush:

Bar looks so cute! she's beautiful :wub:

1 answer for 2 questions

This is Assi. (her charming gay friend,as wijn defined...)

Here is another gr8 pic of them:


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ok.srry being that late ..0:

It's tooo long so I picked some interesting parts.hope u r still interested

*)Do u enjoy being interviewed?

Bar says she likes original questions that makes her thinks of things she's never thought about..like-" who's your biggest enemy.(chips...daah ) .what do u do when u c a cockroach (kill it) ..and some that makes me know myself better".

concerning Leo-she says she doesnt like talking about her private life.

She wants them to herself-and she does it with all her partners.

*)Is there smth in common to all the men that you'v loved?

"They were all warm in their behavior,hug and stroke.."

*) What do u like about the Israeli man?

" The combination of toughness and softness .From one hand he served in the army..and from the other-he's a family man".

*)What do u like about non-Israeli men?

"The Italians r similar to the Israelis in their temperament//but there r not rules about love..(cut) also most of my work in not in Israel so it turns out that I meet mostly non-Israelis"

*)You bf was seen kissing another girl..would u forgive?


*)What's your favorite song line?

"And in the end,the love you take is equal to the love you make " -from "The End" of the Beatles.

*)What is your favorite opening statement (? sorry if this is not the proper translation)

Is not impressed by cool and wit statements-those who succeeded the most made her laugh or at least smile.sometimes it's only a look in the eyes or smth..

*)What is your Leo's favorite film?

Bar :"What's Eating Gilbert Grape". You can c his talent there.He plays a retarded ..it's not a simple.


"No . by all means! on a man's body? I dont care..it's not mine"

*)What names will u call your kids?

"If it's only up to me,I love it when girls r called with boy's names (damn,me too ..haha:) ) such as-Ofir,Yuval and Ariel.My favorite name is Ben"

*)What's your favorite nickname?

"Barbur. Everyone call me this way"

*)How will your marriage dress look like?

"Long ,off-white and soft,without any corset or smth..it'll be as simple as possible. I wish wear it in my parent's garden,with only 20 guests "

*)What's your favorite iphone App?

"Super natural fire startes"

*)Is there any Forum where u write under a diff name?

"Not at all..and btw-My real Facebook account does not have my real name-so I can connect only with friends. If you c "Bar Refaely",I'm srry 2 disappoint u-it's an imposter"

*)Does Israel loves you?

"This is a hard q.What is Israel? the state? it cant think and speak up...there r some journalists who enjoy taking me down..then I'll be on the cover of an important cover and they'll flatter...

Anyways.I do love Israel-a lot".

*)What do u love about Israel?

"There is everyting here.Snow,desert,beach. I mostly love the fact that I was born,raised and educated here,and when u love smth soo much-u dont ask why u love it"

*)What was the funniest talkback that was written about you?

"I never read talkbacks"

*)Who r u jealous of?

"Those who can sing-like Adele,Alanis Morissette,Gali Atari..etc"

*)What did u study from your phsycologist?

"Many things,and mostly -to stop trying to please everyone.."

Last question..

*)So what is love?

"Giving from all the heart.

I've learnt that giving-also with family and friends-is possible only when it's mutual".

wijn -That's soo cool!

What did u write to her that she responded "MaartjeGelsink big thanks to u for all ur wonderful hard work!" ? :) :)

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