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  1. Oh my god, Princess! Thank you so much for those new Tag Heuer shots! My god, he looks so incredibly handsome, I really hope we get a behind the scenes video like we did before on one of his previous shoots for Tag Heuer a few years ago (or is that asking for too much? haha)
  2. Thanks girls for all the updates!! :dance: And Francis, you just killed me with that new picture WOW Thanks for posting it!
  3. thanks everyone for all the updates and HQs! Thanks for the dress info! I really love this outfit The colours are gorgeous.
  4. I hope so too! And more pictures in this outfit: Source: Tumblr
  5. Larger shots from Zimbio Happy Birthday Mr Kerr! awh, such a cute shot of them both. Thanks Ewciolina
  6. Amazing updates! Thanks for all the runway pics, Randa looked gorgeous as always
  7. Thanks girls for all the new updates, sightings and candids Not long now until he starts work on Wolf!! Ugh I can't wait (and that reminds me I need to start reading more of the book itself as I haven't gotten very far ) Oh this pic is adorable Look at their smiles! Source: http://thefilmstage....ly-ray-rewrite/ Neon I second what you said about wanting Leo to play Ol' Blue Eyes. I've had my fingers crossed for forever that he'll take the part if the project ever starts. Thanks for the article!
  8. Thanks everyone for all the latest. I'm in love with that shot from the VS clothing line of her in the hat
  9. Her VS shots never disappoint, the ones of her in the lingerie are gorgeous. And the Swim pictures, she looks so flawless and natural! Thank you lovemusic102
  10. Awesome updates guys, thanks a lot!
  11. Great news! I always love her Passionata campaigns.
  12. Thanks girls for all the new articles and sightings! So another article stating an August 13th start on Wolf... I certainly hope so! I'm so excited to see work being started on this movie I couldn't help but chuckle a little about Leo being ranked in a stylish list (as much as I love his personal style) But ofcourse, he always looks so damn handsome in a suit (maybe that's what it's based on? IDK) Welcome new members!
  13. Awesome post Kerri Lynn! It was great to read her captions and see what she had to say, looks like she's been having fun over the past couple of months.
  14. Thanks for the info on her Super Angels wings Kat I remember Erin saying that they were electric wings but I didn't know exactly what they were supposed to do. But like you said, they looked amazing enough without the effects, I think they were one of the stand out wings of the whole show! (In my opinion anyway) And thanks angelwings for the news about Erin and Lily, so sweet! Hope they have fun.
  15. ^ I'm so tempted to buy that Zara shirt I'm in love with it!
  16. i hope we get details as to why the release date has been changed
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