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  1. Thhank you so much for the scans ^?
  2. Congratz again to my darling Bar Meanwhile still waiting to see what Liv looks like Edit: anyone here that can help me get the new At magazine
  3. Thank u very much for the pics Shepherd
  4. Seafolly sorry if reposts
  5. Any Bar fans here that collect magazines?
  6. It's for Hoodies bikini line made by Bar
  7. I was not expecting her to get the cover but she looks very pretty and I love her cover, congratz to Hailey
  8. I saw Heidi today at Myer she's so beautiful, I was so happy I saw her I thought I was going to miss her but I saw her. So happy
  9. What I find interesting is that Adi's mum & Bar's mum Bar and Adi all look alike
  10. On the set for Fox F/W 2015
  11. Adira

    Fan Talk

    Does anyone here collect magazines of Alessandra
  12. Hmm I wonder..I really hope its maybelline campaign
  13. Wow that's really good if its for maybelline
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