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  1. Ok those look fake, not sure on the miracles of bras but yeah
  2. Wish she did more editorials or photog work
  3. We need the first 2 in HQ ASAP
  4. Just keep in mind lots of people here have never seen real boobs move or be pressed down, or heard of push-up bras.
  5. What maxim Shoot, googles it turned up nothing?
  6. Another of my favorites thanks for posting
  7. Wish she did more editorials or photog work
  8. You guys are some of the most judgmental people, maybe she wears clothes she likes. I assume everyone only ever dresses in their best look (which is a matter if opinion) and with the lip thing maybe she is saying the food is great.
  9. Thanks again
  10. Stunning thanks
  11. Thanks again the one company really needs different backgrounds
  12. Amazing thanks need lots more of her
  13. No clue never talked with her as I assume nobody here has. So you are asking questions on judging someone from snap shots of their life which is normally not correct
  14. Think we have different views on nudity.
  15. By law in most states/countries once you go into public i.e. outside you can not expect privacy, and when you go to a photographer they pay you for the day not for 10 pictures along with a release that gives guidelines on what can and can not be used. So with that being said she is just crying beacuse she was not paid as much then as she would be now