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  1. Stunning
  2. That is funny, her body posed for it
  3. There needs to be tons of pictures of this
  4. Love her, and she seems so happy
  5. Wow so going to the beach is now bad? So like every other model on earth she is an attention whore, I agree her comments are annoying but come on people you make way to big a deal over stuff
  6. Yes shame she isnt doing more Need more thanks
  7. Is this not the same thing as 3 post up?
  8. Need more thanks
  9. Ok those look fake, not sure on the miracles of bras but yeah
  10. Wish she did more editorials or photog work
  11. We need the first 2 in HQ ASAP
  12. Just keep in mind lots of people here have never seen real boobs move or be pressed down, or heard of push-up bras.
  13. What maxim Shoot, googles it turned up nothing?
  14. Another of my favorites thanks for posting
  15. Wish she did more editorials or photog work