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  1. ohhhh goshh I want to have a little bar!!! wow!!!
  2. I tried two different translator websites and both gave the same translations: "Do not try at home! Streets not only my work but definitely put a smile." almost- "Do not try at home!Only in the streets Not my work but definitely puts a smile " Edit: Oh,and the graffiti in the photo is "Bar Refaeli" in heb (בר רפאלי)
  3. http://www.ynet.co.il/articles/0,7340,L-4263749,00.html it's in heb...but open it-there is a black haired guy Tomer Faingold - There r rumors now that there is a roman or smth between Bar and Tomer, He's an Israeli rich businessman,a swimmer -and was seen with Bar few times lately.
  4. ok.srry being that late ..0: It's tooo long so I picked some interesting parts.hope u r still interested *)Do u enjoy being interviewed? Bar says she likes original questions that makes her thinks of things she's never thought about..like-" who's your biggest enemy.(chips...daah ) .what do u do when u c a cockroach (kill it) ..and some that makes me know myself better". concerning Leo-she says she doesnt like talking about her private life. She wants them to herself-and she does it with all her partners. *)Is there smth in common to all the men that you'v loved? "They were all warm in their behavior,hug and stroke.." *) What do u like about the Israeli man? " The combination of toughness and softness .From one hand he served in the army..and from the other-he's a family man". *)What do u like about non-Israeli men? "The Italians r similar to the Israelis in their temperament//but there r not rules about love..(cut) also most of my work in not in Israel so it turns out that I meet mostly non-Israelis" *)You bf was seen kissing another girl..would u forgive? "Noooooooo" *)What's your favorite song line? "And in the end,the love you take is equal to the love you make " -from "The End" of the Beatles. *)What is your favorite opening statement (? sorry if this is not the proper translation) Is not impressed by cool and wit statements-those who succeeded the most made her laugh or at least smile.sometimes it's only a look in the eyes or smth.. *)What is your Leo's favorite film? Bar :"What's Eating Gilbert Grape". You can c his talent there.He plays a retarded ..it's not a simple. *)Tattoos? "No . by all means! on a man's body? I dont care..it's not mine" *)What names will u call your kids? "If it's only up to me,I love it when girls r called with boy's names (damn,me too ..haha:) ) such as-Ofir,Yuval and Ariel.My favorite name is Ben" *)What's your favorite nickname? "Barbur. Everyone call me this way" *)How will your marriage dress look like? "Long ,off-white and soft,without any corset or smth..it'll be as simple as possible. I wish wear it in my parent's garden,with only 20 guests " *)What's your favorite iphone App? "Super natural fire startes" *)Is there any Forum where u write under a diff name? "Not at all..and btw-My real Facebook account does not have my real name-so I can connect only with friends. If you c "Bar Refaely",I'm srry 2 disappoint u-it's an imposter" *)Does Israel loves you? "This is a hard q.What is Israel? the state? it cant think and speak up...there r some journalists who enjoy taking me down..then I'll be on the cover of an important cover and they'll flatter... Anyways.I do love Israel-a lot". *)What do u love about Israel? "There is everyting here.Snow,desert,beach. I mostly love the fact that I was born,raised and educated here,and when u love smth soo much-u dont ask why u love it" *)What was the funniest talkback that was written about you? "I never read talkbacks" *)Who r u jealous of? "Those who can sing-like Adele,Alanis Morissette,Gali Atari..etc" *)What did u study from your phsycologist? "Many things,and mostly -to stop trying to please everyone.." Last question.. *)So what is love? "Giving from all the heart. I've learnt that giving-also with family and friends-is possible only when it's mutual". wijn -That's soo cool! What did u write to her that she responded "MaartjeGelsink big thanks to u for all ur wonderful hard work!" ? :)
  5. Who is Assi? hmm who's that guy ??? Bar looks so cute! she's beautiful 1 answer for 2 questions This is Assi. (her charming gay friend,as wijn defined...) Here is another gr8 pic of them:
  6. Hello :wave:!

  7. Bar wrote to Assi- I hope you change your sexual identity this year,then we'll get married
  8. Srry..I have a problem with her scans..idk.. I'll try my best next time. Sorry:( Oh,and Bar looks totally stunning ,Kerry. I love the her hair..
  9. dunno y,but I can only c the ones that SicK As mY SecReTs scaned.
  10. Hmm..guys- I want to help with the translation but dont know on which article/vid u r talking about..0: Anyone?
  11. Assi and Bar are so perfect 2gether!! They could make a gr8 couple... And of course..-Congratulations Bar!! Wish u all the best.
  12. Yeah I love them 2gether:) They r perfect. But he has a pregnant gf...so I dont think we'll c them 2gether...at least not in the near future..0: Who has? Noam? =O Nope,Bar Yeah Noam has a gf..(she's a singer,named Keren Peles. and she's pregnant:( ) http://www.mako.co.il/entertainment-celebs/local/Article-4c0b5eb20694631006.htm Here u can c them.. Nvm,Bar will find the best for her. I dont know Shaun.,but anyways...what makes her happy...0:
  13. Yeah I love them 2gether:) They r perfect. But he has a pregnant gf...so I dont think we'll c them 2gether...at least not in the near future..0:
  14. I actually love the way she looked. As Kerri says- stunning,simple and classy-and that's what I love about Bar. Her simplicity and classyness make her sexy in my eyes.
  15. http://celebs.walla....w=/3601/2535886 Here's smth from The Gil Riva Show It starts in Hebrew. Bar describes how she always wanted to meet Warren Beatty (who dated her mom-Tzipi 35 ys ago) and tell him "Hi do u know who my mom is? ".. (she says she was 12 ys..and didnt know that one day she'd b a supermodel..) Then one day she met him and said Hello..but didn't feel comfortable to present herself as Tzipi's daughter since he was with his wife. The other day Leo came home and told her.. (this part is in English so u can watch it..) Anyways..Leo met Warren who told him "I met your gf last night..she is very very beautiful! but her mom.....her mom was................ "
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