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The Celebs forums you visit

Keeley's Lover

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Hi all,

I would like to share with all of you the celebs forums i visit.

Maybe you know them, maybe not :p

It's a good way for all to search for pics you don't have or you have in low quality.

So if you could post the celebs forums links you visit (no porn admitted), everyone will be able to complete their favorite celebrity pics collection ;)

NOTE: please, don't use advertising !! Moderators will delete your post so just post the forum link with a little description of it if you want ;)

Let's get it on :drool:

My fav' forums:


A forum about Keeley Hazell; no pop-ups, a good way for me to be informated about Keely's news - be carefull, some scans can't be postes because of copyright


No pop-ups; an incredible database about celebrities - very big community, very good pics, a lot of HQ; maybe one of the best forums i know.


No pop-up; an italian forum as good as the one quoted beside. A lot of celebrities, videos.........good stuff inside. Suscription is not easy: you have to susbribe, then wait about 2/3 days for the link to activate your account; then, you'll have to post one thread in the new members section to introduce you - after that, you'll have acces to all sections.

Another dark point: the forum is only open between 14h and 18h :(

PS: sorry about my bad english :p

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holywood's best

usemycomputer forums



freeones forum

and a couple more. of course, i join, check some and then forget about them for a few months ... but i try to visit them every once in a ... long while

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Best forum ever when it comes to fashion and fashion models. Most of the pics posted on BZ come from there (however i must say i have more fun on BZ) and it is great for magazines reviews (i like to know what's worth buying or not) and designer talks.

The only negative point is that some ppl are high on themselves (what ? you can't afford those cute balenciaga hats ? my god that's THE trend for FW06-07, what are you gonna do darling ? :cain: )

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