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Poly, Vujovic or Butane?


Who's your favorite Russian of the bunch?  

96 members have voted

  1. 1. Who's your favorite of this bunch?

    • Natasha Poly
    • Marija Vujovic
    • Inguna Butane

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natasha poly, marija vujovic and inguna butane...these three are the latest russians to walk the runway of victoria's secret...have earned a number of followers from around the world...latest models to e on the buzz-worthy list...now, who do you think have the best walk and prettiest face?


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Inguna is Latvian

Marija is Serbian

Natasha is the only Russian in this poll ;)

I voted for:

Inguna :heart: She has a beautiful face :wub:

click on my sig to check out her walk :shifty:

thanks for that persuazn...maybe i should have said slavic models, yes?

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Well I like all three, i think... Although Ingunas constant "I'm nice and pretty"-look makes me bored. ^^

But even she was really gorgeous in the show, I like it when she smiles :)

Natasha was... wow. I think most of the time that she is too thin (nevertheless pretty^^), but in that show i just thought that she was beautiful.

Marija was pretty but well...

I vote Natasha because she was really great and she lost her show and went with such a great smile on... :)

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