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Frederique Van der Wal


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Really? She never modeled for SI? With her body? :o


That's my reaction too! But in Frederique's heyday, VS and SI hadn't started trading girls yet. Her frequent VS costar Jill Goodacre didn't do SI either. There was only Stephanie, who had come from SI. The floodgates opened after that, and it became common: Daniela, Rebecca, Yasmeen, etc. all started with VS and then did SI.

SI wasn't a big deal back when she started. It was mostly for commercial girls. It wasn't until the 1990's that it started to mean something. Then, the VS models and former HF girls took over the magazine. Each year the hype grows, therefore the caliber of model increases. Its more important to be in SI than to be in Vogue now.

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... and Vogue also has about half the circ of Glamour now.

Hard to say why (about Frederique). SI could have considered her, and if Elite might have (or, not) pushed her. At the time, Elite repped Stephanie, Carol, Kathy, Kara Young, Paulina, Kelly Emberg, Stacey Williams, Angie Everhart. Elite is well represented in the pages of SI at the time. They also repped Elaine Irwin, who isn't in SI. Also Carrie Nygren, Alexandra Brochen, Jill Goodacre, .... . Any of whom could have been fabulous in SI. It's very random sometimes (or seems very random) about what model gets what gig.

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swedish Tique, 1994

Beautiful and rare covers Dayrell :flower:

- but Tique magazin is Norwegian

Do you have more of Tique magazine?

I know that they had a beautiful cover

of Kelly Emberg years ago...

Love Miss :wave:

I never know if these magazines are from Norway, Denmark or Sweden, it´s a great mess for me. Sorry! :idk:

I have a friend who lives in Oslo now, and he is looking some materia for me! :wave:

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