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  1. Elle Korea 2002/11 Harpers Korea 2001/01
  2. HERE is my small explanation on this issue with latin edition of many magazines including Elle, Marie Claire, Harper's bazaar Also there is no Chile and Argentina edition of Marie Claire, it is published and edited only in Argentina, but sold in Chile with special cover marked with word "CHILE" instead of Argentina. Everyone who collects models shall revise their list of covers according to this information.
  3. not a lot , but has a few, for example many Spanish Elles described as italian, etc. that's why I need all information on elle covers from all models of 90's to make a complete encyclopedia of Elle covers worldwide. The bad thing about latin countries is they are pretty hard to recognize, it has Mexican edition, separate Espanol for a few countries edition, then portuguese and chile edition being mixed . it's a hard work but it's interesting to make it. Hope in a few months I could finish this work and show to all magazine fans.
  4. I saw that page and it's great but it's missing a lot and lots of mistakes. Still need some covers. Especially from hard to find latin countries, Poland, Hong Kong etc. I need better pics of these Elle Portugal issues, 1997-06 and the second is 93 I guess.
  5. Hi fellow fans ! I'm collecting Elle magazine covers worldwide editions and miss a lot. Please would any of you post all Cindy's available ELLE covers with dates where known, if there's no dates it' ok. I will post later a complete collage with all her Elle covers with possibly more details. Thank you !
  6. new covers of swedish magazines
  7. She is RENNEBERG , not RenneNberg Kim Renneberg Hometown Calgary, Alberta Birthdate 1975 Height 175 (5'9") Bust 86 (34") Waist 61 (24") Hips 90 (35½") Hair Dark Blonde Eyes Blue Agency Mode (Calgary), Elite (Toronto)
  8. and something new to you ELLE Quebec 2009 may
  9. PLAZA Sweden 2009/05 PLAZA Sweden COSTUME Sweden 2009/07 DAMSEL 2008/01 H&M 2008 winter H&M HARPER's BAZAAR Korea HERMES LC MAGAZIN Sweden MARIE CLAIRE Spain 2005/12 SHOP USA 2004/10 SPUR Japan 2002/06 TUSH Germany 2007/01 ZOO Winter 2011-12
  10. VOGUE GErmany 2001-02 VOGUE Germany 2001-10 VOGUE Germany 2002-02 VOGUE Germany 2003-04 VOGUE Greece 2002-04 VOGUE France 1997-10 supplement
  11. D Italy 2008-03 D Italy 2008-08
  12. GLAMOUR Italy 1999-07 GLAMOUR Italy 2001-11
  13. ELLE Poland 2010-07 ELLE Slovenia 2007 ELLE Sweden 2005-03 ELLE Sweden 2005-08 ELLE Sweden 2012-04 subscribers issue ELLE Sweden 2012-04
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