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  1. Hi. Our search engine is down unfortunately or I could point you right to a full cite. But I looked it up in our db. It's the November page of the Sports Illustrated 1983 Swimsuit Calendar. ISBN 0-316-98799-9. Pages in the wall calendar are 15"x15". Kim is also on the front cover.
  2. It's the January page of the Christie Brinkley 1983 Calendar. ph Demarchelier +"Christie Brinkley" +red
  3. It's Meghan Douglas . US Vogue Jun 1992, "Summer To Go", p 175, ph Pamela Hansen.
  4. top left is Rebecca Romijn
  5. if you missed it, she put an early modeling headshot on her IG:
  6. That's correct, the photo credit is Lagerfeld. I always liked that ad, though I've been doing photography for ages and that's probably at least partly why. But it's like a toned black and white and one cool thing is the font they used for "PHOTO" is how the word would look on a camera's datascreen. It's got that alarm clock LCD style. Wasn't as much a fan of the actual cologne though. That ad seems to be somewhat rare in the usual fashion mags. I don't how big an ad buy they did, but there just don't seem to be a lot of those ads in the usual fashion mags. Though maybe the target market was men and they expect that demo isn't reading a lot of Vogue. A different version is in Sports Illustrated March 9, 1992, p 13 https://www.si.com/vault/issue/710947/33/1 and a photo credit for Lagerfeld is in the left edge.
  7. Welcome! It's nice that SI has brought back the Vault. The new implementation is also better than the old one I think. If you're building a collection of Sports Illustrated swimsuit magazine editions and on the models, remember the off-issue/supplementary features. These are some the more rare photos, the magazines that are hard to find in print. Think the earliest is 1987, when the magazine runs a bonus swim photo of Kathy Ireland in the "Letters" feature of the March 2 issue. The actual swimsuit issue that year is February 9, with Elle on the cover. The cover of the March 2 issue is a photograph of college basketball. The magazine is back to the business of sports journalism, and you might not think to look inside for swimsuit content. But the magazine's readers would write in, and the editors would then run some of the letters and respond. Following the swimsuit edition, the editor's response would sometimes include extra swim photos. There were two photographs of Cindy Crawford published in SISE. One of those photos is in a Letters column. So there's a lag between the actual swimsuit issue's publication, and then a "Letters" feature possibly with additional swimsuit content.
  8. Walter Iooss Jr is the photographer for the issue cover that year and that edit. John G Zimmerman appears to have done everything in the 1983 SI calendar, other than the behind-the-scenes candid stuff. Christie did her own calendar (ph Demarchelier), and isn't in the '83 SI calendar. But calendars tend to move a year behind, stuff that's shot in '83 goes into the '84 calendar. And Iooss does everything in the '84 SI calendar, featuring Kim, Carol, Paulina, and Hillary Safire. Walter Ioos Jr 1983-84
  9. Thank you for posting credits and sources. The Vogue Archive seems very well done. Slick presentation overall. Do you have any tips for using it? How do you get the most out of it?
  10. So, how good are you at Model ID? Try this little (like, a couple of minutes) online facial recognition test from the University of Greenwich: https://greenwichuniversity.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_e3xDuCccGAdgbfT The faces go by fairly fast sometimes so be ready!
  11. If you haven't seen it, the documentary "Catwalk" from ~1996 I think has about 5 minutes from this show, including behind the scenes. Galliano himself I seem to remember is featured, coaching models etc. The doc follows Christy Turlington but many usual suspects show up. With Niki and Kate Moss et al. Very memorable and entertaining.
  12. Article also on USA Today, https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2017/06/27/miranda-kerr-returns-8-million-in-jewels-ex-boyfriend-low-taek-jho-bought-with-malaysian-government-funds/103224860/ Along with Kerr, the article mentions DiCaprio: "turned over a Picasso painting worth $3.2 million that he received as a birthday gift." If I read the linked document correctly, it's "Nature Morte au Crane de Taureau" by Pablo Picasso https://theartstack.com/artist/pablo-picasso/nature-morte-au-crane-de-1
  13. If you missed it, the New York Times Opinion section has an article by Paulina, "America Made Me a Feminist". https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/10/opinion/sunday/paulina-porizkova-america-feminist.html?_r=0
  14. From the LA Times: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/la-oscars-2017-89th-academy-awards-1488151819-htmlstory.html If you look at the larger-sized photos, you can see "ACLU" written on the ribbon.
  15. If you missed it. There's a funny story going around about a pet squirrel that attacked a burglar. http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Pet-squirrel-helps-fight-off-burglar-10935638.php
  16. Hey that's quite good. My compliments. There's another forum user who occasionally posts illustrations of 90s models, I can't remember who now and don't think I've seen one for some time in any case. Some were in chalk too which was really nice. What's this one on, I mean, materials?
  17. and on her Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BQMYZhngsVo/
  18. SFGATE has a retrospective: http://www.sfgate.com/entertainment/celebrities/article/Remembering-Farrah-Fawcett-on-the-70th-10901137.php
  19. I could sort of see that. Though Taylor I think before she was even out of high school, her career was literally a supermodel's, covers, campaigns, runway. If you look through Brooke's Instagram, she had actually posted a photo of Christie Brinkley, same shoot I think as '79 Sports Illustrated cover but interestingly not the cover. https://www.instagram.com/p/5kyQ_WE0BE/?taken-by=broookebuchanan
  20. This is Top Model #4, right? US edition, with the Claudia Schiffer Chanel cover? If you're collecting, keep an eye out for the French editions of Top Model. Haven't compared every issue, but I think the French editions are preferable from a collector's standpoint. The French edition of #13 has the awesome Karen Mulder calendar for 1997 which I believe it is omitted from the US edition sadly. Top Model #13 French edition used to be notoriously expensive and hard to get. But you can't get that calendar anywhere else as far as I know, it's Top Model #13 French ed. and nowhere else.
  21. Thanks very much for your compliment! Really appreciate it. If you do have any suggestions, especially for how we could make the site better or more useful for finding/identifying things that you are searching for, drop me a PM.
  22. It's ph Marc Hispard. Why they chose that photo as the cover, I don't know. It's the least flattering photo of her in any of the calendars that year. (Most of them by Hispard, a couple of candid) If you are a Stephanie Seymour collector, that desk calendar is a nice item. Also with Kathy, Elle, Kara, Christie, Maria von Hartz. 4-5 years ago, it was a $30+ item. Now they show up for less than $10.
  23. For you Yasmeen collectors if you missed it, 1995 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar and Screen Saver featuring Yasmeen is on eBay, with original box (Yasmeen cover). With the original box in good condition it's somewhat rare, and the seller (no affiliation) is asking a reasonable $9. http://www.ebay.com/itm/SPORTS-ILLUSTRATED-SWIMSUIT-CALENDAR-SCREEN-SAVER-PC-VERSION-WINDOWS-95-/222356088909?hash=item33c574a84d:g:bfsAAOSwW6JYXryy The Softkey-SI CD-ROM series is good, with rare photos and some video. The same seller also has the 1994 CD-ROM with Judit Masco cover including box and prints.
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