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Laetitia Casta

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Hello :wave:

I've been a longtime lurker of this board and it finally dawned on me that I should join because you seem like a nice bunch :thumbsup:

I've been a :heart: Laetitia :heart: fan for about ten years and am a member on the Zouzou board and have been known to post on Adelaide's mini-chat board too :angel:

I'm going to state my 98% support of Caroline's opinion regarding posts that appear to come from the trouser department rather than the heart.

I am now off to find a nice avatar :p

Hey Rob!!! :wave:

Good to have you here!!! :hug:

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:blink: Wow I tried to upload my version of that pic but its Too Big

I can't get the site to upload it as an attachment even though you supposedly have unlimited space for attachments.

My version is 3500x4855 :shock: and its the original image before the ad stuff was put in.

Guess I'll have to look into an image hosting site and link you all to it. Check back later this morning.

Oh and before I go

QUOTE(CarMELita @ Oct 12 2006, 04:12 AM)

And btw I do not like THAT word too but it's better then a lot of other words

Right then so Melons, Juggs, Hooters, Puppies, Bazoongas, are no no s right? :p

We can use Breasts and or Bosom at least? :ninja:

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Ok lets see if this works


Woohoo it worked :thumbsup:

Ok then Click that link for a larger than life sized Laetitia :hell yea!:

Cheers. That's uber-huge....too bad I only have a 19inch screen and can only get her eyes and nose in without scrolling :laugh:

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