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Laetitia Casta

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Laetitia Maria Laure Casta

Date of Birth : May 11, 1978

Place of Birth : Pont-Auderner, France

Height : 5 feet 7 inches

Hair : Brown

Eyes : Blue

Sign : Taurus

Occupation: Supermodel & Actress

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One of my favorite models, because she doesn't look like a skeleton :)

Thats one of my reasons for liking Laetitia so much more than the others too. She has many genuine qualities about her. At least thats what comes out in her interviews. She has a real smile. It makes her seem very approachable if you saw her on the street. Like you said her Healthy and fit look is something you will find most real girls have. Not to take away from the other models mentioned here They are very beautiful too. but these are just a few of my many reasons for being such an ardent admirer of Laetitia over all the other girls. They are pretty much the same reasons for my admiration of my #2 fav as well Kori Belle.

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