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Vintage Model IDs


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You also have to remember Italy was a difficult market because most of the models didn’t have the proper papers to work. The police would raid hotels for models in the 70s or so I have been told by some classic models. Models didn’t model in a lot of different places back then. Most of the models were local. You could show up in Paris and book a vogue cover over night back then. It wasn’t hard to get in these magazines back then. 

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I am adding a lot of classic model threads. These are models who are over 30 and still working. I also add tags such as 1990s 2000s 1980s tags you denote when models work. I would suggest all of you vintage enthusiast go back to any threads you created and add these tags so we can easily access them.


this will help with Identifying models  and maintaining models threads 

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On 6/26/2020 at 4:12 AM, Vogue Girl said:

Someone know the name of these models between 1985 & 1987, please? TIA @RocketQueen, @snmkytkn, @Dayrell, @Chirkomania, @missparker7 & @nightowl





@Vogue Girl # 12 She is Bine :yes: She used to show up in a lot of publications in the late 1980s ,both adverts and layouts (French & Spanish ELLE; Italian GRAZIA; Italian DONNA,etc...) I will upload pics of her in "Models from the eighties" topic



Bine-86-.PNG Bine-86-2.PNG Bine-86-3.PNG
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