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The Age old Battle: Men vs. Women

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Now before anyone raises any pitchforks and/or torches...relax. I'm simply starting this topic as more a playful one than anything else. Since the beginning of time and possibly before, men and women have always been at each other’s throats. Whether it be the supposed superior driving of men over women. Women being the more trustworthy one in a relationship. Who actually does make the better parent? Men...WOMEN, lets dish it out here and leave it out in the open to be examined. Oh, and liika was the originator of this idea, I'm simply starting it


Let's see what sex truly triumphs over all....let the battle begin!




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Nice idea

For me as woman,I used to think we're men and women are equal in everything,then I had to give this belief little up and was convinced that yeah we're not equal ,we women can't do everything like men especially in body strength category(even with me doing sports/GYM daily),other than that I can be little equal to a man.

Hope I didn't mess up with the topic idea.

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Not here for this shit.

1. I can just smell the arguments coming. I've already read a comment that made me roll my eyes.

2. I know for a fact there are some sexist ass people on this forum, and I refuse to get banned for ripping someone a new asshole.

Have fun in here guys, because while I'm sure you all mean to have this be constructive and fun... people are stupid and if you give them space to have an opinion and they'll prove just how dumb they are.

it's been nice sticking my nose in here. I'm out.

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I´ve always been amazed by this simple thing - why fight against each other when there are actually many more MUCH pleasant things we can do together :brows:

I mean hiking and such things... of course!!

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I say Women ftw :bellazon: ! I want to be on the girl's team. Whereas I find

passing large turds

painful, but women manage to push out little people, endure the double standards and increasing demands of society (more pressure to look a certain way, more working away from the home than ever but still expected to manage the home at the same time, there being more of them so greater competition among each other ect.) and still live longer :mellow: .

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Well, looks like we have a winner. I fold, and I fold 10 million times over. I don't think I'd ever be able to handle pushing anything the size of a small cantaloupe out of me. Tis always the birthing process that gives ultimate rein hold for women :surrender:

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ILPB... I have my torch lit and pitch fork ready to drive . oh dang, I guess I should read first.. hehehe

JK.. Looks like we have some smart men in here. OR married men.. hehehe

I had a whole paragraph about who makes the best parent but it might scare any guy wanting to have kids so i will tame it down to this.. most guys can't say that when they have a baby, its adding a play mate for the kid they already had before giving birth :p

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