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Adri looks emotionally disconnected from all of her pics recently: the black swimsuit, the luncheon, and the jeweld dress pics. She either doesn't want to be there or doesn't like the models. Something is disconnected with her in these pics recently...
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:wave::wave::wave: Hi guys! Thanks everyone for the pictures! Adriana looks totally stunning gorgeous and beautiful!

I think all the other girls are pretty as well, but only Adriana's beauty is outstanding. She is so extraordinary beautiful...her faceshape her eyes her hair, her skin...she has the perfect face! Only she makes me an addict! The other girls are just "normal beautiful" but Adriana is ...wow...you can't believe that someone can be that beautiful and can't stop looking at her! I am addicted!

Thanks for the pics again guys! I appreciate!

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I'm new, so I hope I do everything right. :)

I have a request: Does anybody have more images of this event? It would be great if they also were larger.

post-50597-0-1446074951-39324_thumb.jpg post-50597-0-1446074951-47803_thumb.jpg post-50597-0-1446074951-5152_thumb.jpg

I've got them from zimbio.com.

The description is:

"Victoria's Secret Shopping Event : Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima poses inside the Hollywood Highland branch of Victoria's Secret as part of a promotion for the Victoria Secret's Fashion Show on November 15, 2006 in Hollywood, California."

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