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  1. Tanya Mityushina

    some Triumph photos
  2. Tanya Mityushina

    and my caps
  3. Tanya Mityushina

    Tanya Mityushina 5\'9 Elite LA
  4. Tanya Mityushina

    I made some caps from her agency's videos
  5. Irina Shayk

    Not repost at all, thanks a lot, maybe you have other photos from this campaign in a good quality?
  6. Irina Shayk

    Agua Bendita 2013
  7. Irina Shayk

    I agree, it is 100% not Irina, but Bar really seemed to forget that Ronaldo is Irina's bf Anyway, I loved Bar's replay, she said right about her attitude to this couple
  8. Irina Shayk

    her haters are strange, I didn't understand why they post her beautiful pics, I understood the logics when they photoshopped them & posted not beautiful photos, but here she is Some more from Avon
  9. Irina Shayk

    It is because this thread was made a lot before Irina got her official site and everyone understood that her correct variant is 'Shayk', before she got her Sports Illustrated cover many sites spell it like Sheik, but I assure you that her right last name is Shayk
  10. Irina Shayk

    What an awesome photoshoot! Simply wow
  11. Irina Shayk

    She is so beautiful, speechless
  12. Irina Shayk

    Bloomingdale's 2012