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  1. Tanya Mityushina 5\'9 Elite LA
  2. I made some caps from her agency's videos
  3. Not repost at all, thanks a lot, maybe you have other photos from this campaign in a good quality?
  4. I agree, it is 100% not Irina, but Bar really seemed to forget that Ronaldo is Irina's bf Anyway, I loved Bar's replay, she said right about her attitude to this couple
  5. her haters are strange, I didn't understand why they post her beautiful pics, I understood the logics when they photoshopped them & posted not beautiful photos, but here she is Some more from Avon
  6. It is because this thread was made a lot before Irina got her official site and everyone understood that her correct variant is 'Shayk', before she got her Sports Illustrated cover many sites spell it like Sheik, but I assure you that her right last name is Shayk
  7. What an awesome photoshoot! Simply wow
  8. She is so beautiful, speechless
  9. Irina & Cristiano Madrid Open 2012
  10. Dreamy cover, I'm loving-loving it
  11. Sexy photoshoot, I do love it
  12. {name}

    Monica Bellucci

    Thank you very much for scans & caps She has such a surreal beauty
  13. {name}

    Monica Bellucci

    Vanity Fair Italy 2012
  14. No, sweets, final exams are on their way, I'll take exams the whole summer unfortunately, it is so close & I'm a bit afraid :)

  15. The perfect bra tour, Portugal
  16. Hello, sweetheart :) What's up?

  17. Thanks! Yes she's love! :)

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