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  1. The perfect bra tour, Istanbul 16/17.04.12
  2. Ye-e-s Thanks for the scans, bigmax!
  3. Are you ready to discover with me your most beloved bra @INTIMISSIMI ? THE PERFECT BRA TOUR stops at the following @INTIMISSIMI Stores. To discover more, follow my tour and find out your Perfect Bra!
  4. Hello, sweets, I stole your little hearts cause they rock! Don't mind? Kiss xoxo

  5. Hahaha yup, you read my mind I remember those vids
  6. Thanks for polaroids, what a natural beauty she is Avon
  7. Victoria's Secret Miami TV Shoot Day One
  8. Irina covers Cosmopolitan Italy April 2012
  9. Yes, that will be awesome, I'm so happy that VS started to use her, back in times to those stunning shots from 2008-2009
  10. Gorgeous shot! At least they use her as they should So tender & beautiful!
  11. Nice list though I expected more ...
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