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Taylor Hill


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11 hours ago, Schemer said:

I see this everywhere but I just don't get this mindset. So people wear masks outdoors, then get to the restaurant, sit down and then take their masks off (and this dude isn't even wearing a mask). How is that helping protect from Covid? Who guarantees that the glass, or a fork, or a plate are virus free? It's just way too risky, especially in a country that handled Covid very poorly and had to pay in a huge number of dead.


Just order a takeout.


i don't see you that worried when she's in america, where i've seen people doing a normal life and ignoring the virus since the beginning. so i'd be worrier to get infected there more than in italy. also, ordering a takeout doesn't guarantee you anything; the only safe way not to get infected is staying inside 🤷🏻‍♀️

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10 hours ago, Schemer said:

I get that, but LIKE I WROTE, I wouldn't trust that things are clean enough to eat. If you want to take a chance that no one in the kitchen coughed in their hand and then touched the glass you're about to drink from or utensil you're about to put in your mouth then go for it.


Knowing general lack of hygiene in restaurants (even the "classy" ones) to me it's still unsafe to eat at restaurants, reduced capacity or not.


But hey, clearly they don't care, so good luck to them.


If everyone was that paranoid then no one would order delivery or takeout and every restaurant/cafe/eatery/etc. would go out of business.

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Alright folks, COVID-19 discussion ends here. I will be deleting any further posts regarding the matter and handing warnings, this is Taylor's thread, if you strongly want to discuss the global pandemic take it to PMs or threads that are better suited for it, we are being bombarded by COVID information in literally every single platform there is, the last thing people want is to come to a model's thread and have to read even more about it.



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Listening to the podcast the beginning is a lot about the siblings but towards the second half she talks about the VS controversy a little and is talking about how her body has changed since she was 18. She said her body has changed a lot in the last year and she's felt it in the high fashion industry. She said it's discouraging her to do more high fashion stuff because she doesn't want to put pressure on herself to change the way she looks and ruin the healthy relationship with food she has right now. She is talking about how her fanbase is young and how she's always trying to be a "real and authentic" role model to girls because she was saddened realizing models she used to looked up to looked the way they did because of eating disorder and being unhealthy. She said if she loses the weight she wonders what image it is showing her young fans. She said she hasn't really done fashion weeks in like two seasons because she knew that she didn't want to put the pressure on herself to get her body there to where it would be accepted there. She talks about how Behati took her under her wing when they met and helped keep her grounded. 

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34 minutes ago, Kane said:

@tatehill thanks for the summary! ♥️

for sure! the whole thing was fun hearing them talk about growing up and how they all got in to what they're doing now but that was the biggest chunk that was more about her than them together. 

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