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Taylor Hill


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21 hours ago, BAGGOT said:

I'm here for post-lockdown Taylor. :yes: Just going to put that out there right now. Probably a shock given how standoffish I was before ( :rofl: ), but this time it's for real. 


Im not so sure.  They say it take 3 weeks to break a habit. She hasn't posted in almost 3 weeks and i've almost broken the Taylor habit.  I used to check this thread religiously but i just don't feel it lately.  I dont think this will happen to Taylor because she seems to have reached a different level of popularity, but i think alot of less popular models are doing serious damage to their careers by not posting for weeks.  Coming as it does after a long quarantine with little or no work and few posts to social media.  Social media engagement was way down in march/april and while this is no doubt good for civilization its probably very bad for people who make their living from it.  The social media game seems to be very dependent on momentum and you need to be constantly posting something to keep people interested.  Taking a months long break, whether forced or voluntary seems like a bad idea especially in the modeling industry where there is always someone younger and prettier.  I think there are many more marginal models, like Taylor's sister, who dont know it yet,  but they just retired.

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