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  1. This girl sure does like taking nudes of herself.
  2. Looks like some photos of her and Leo together from years ago. Also someone of her on a boat with Taylor Hill and Hair Gel, along with Tobey Macguire.
  3. Haha, that is the baggiest things she's EVER worn.
  4. Do all those photos of her naked with Miley Cyrus count?
  5. I'm not really sure she's THAT crazy. I've met a lot of people in real life who are nice and smart, but act like total dummies online. Yes, she's behaving weird online and posting weird stuff... but she could be perfectly fine. None of us know her at all.
  6. She prolly saw the pinned Elsie Hewitt thread (why?) and now models are realizing Bellazon will take stuff down if they request it.
  7. She's been dating the guy since the beginning of the year. He's credited as Johnny/Danny English but his real name is Daniel Fryer and he's a finance bro in the weed space.
  8. First time seeing this thread - wowwww can't believe she works at a vet and is just modeling on the side. That's not going to last long.
  9. Italy had 252 cases yesterday and a population of 60 million. Calm down.
  10. Eating more food doesn’t make your face uneven. Her face had amazing symmetry and now it’s gone.
  11. Candice just did a thing on IG.... is it just me or does her face look different?
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