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From Doutzens Twitter:

*At the World Fashion Center in Amsterdam filming the Nova Collage Tour airing tomorrow! Curious what all the students will ask me!

*Watch Rtl Boulevard tonight at 6.30PM till 7.30PM somewhere in the show I will talk about the new campaign for D4L @dance4lifeint!! ;)

*Starting the new campaign today 'Beat HIV spread the positive virus'!!


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jago thanks for uploading but seems like it's all in slow motion :rofl:

So here's the normal vid: http://www.rtl.nl/components/actueel/rtlbo...t.avi_plain.xml

College Tour:

post-27441-0-1446074211-70739_thumb.jpg post-27441-0-1446074211-71518_thumb.jpg th_50354f97120802.jpg/monthly_09_2010/post-27441-0-1446074211-75715_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3498674" alt="post-27441-0-1446074211-75715_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="56.6"> post-27441-0-1446074211-77475_thumb.jpg th_d861e297120807.jpg/monthly_09_2010/post-27441-0-1446074211-78825_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3498677" alt="post-27441-0-1446074211-78825_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="66.6"> post-27441-0-1446074211-81707_thumb.jpg th_da404697120811.jpg/monthly_09_2010/post-27441-0-1446074211-86438_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3498682" alt="post-27441-0-1446074211-86438_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="66.6"> post-27441-0-1446074211-88778_thumb.jpg post-27441-0-1446074211-92036_thumb.jpg th_9f5a6b97120817.jpg/monthly_09_2010/post-27441-0-1446074211-93562_thumb.jpg" data-fileid="3498689" alt="post-27441-0-1446074211-93562_thumb.jpg" data-ratio="61.6"> post-27441-0-1446074211-98973_thumb.jpg post-27441-0-1446074212-03628_thumb.jpg post-27441-0-1446074212-04996_thumb.jpg post-27441-0-1446074212-08954_thumb.jpg post-27441-0-1446074212-13931_thumb.jpg


Doutzen about Fashionweek: It's an important week that's when are new collections are presented.

Doutzen about her ambitions: Still so much I want to do, cover American Vogue.

Doutzen about Anna Wintour: She isn't scary, she's just a businesswoman.

Doutzen about tips from fans/girls: She finds it very hard to talk to girls about modelling and give them tips.

Doutzen's teacher about Doutzen: She was never busy with make-up and things, she was a bit weird.

Doutzen's parents about Doutzen: She was very shy she didn't want to go to schoolparty or something like that.

Some questions from the audience

Q: What language are you going to teach your baby?

there was a whole discussion about what language Doutzen would teach her baby

A: She thinks it's rude that people talk about that..

Q: Did you ever want to quit modelling?

A: Yes, I was so homesick I didn't want to continue. Now I have the luxury to fly home often and let my family come to NY.

Q: A question about her friends and making new friends

A: I still have the same friends from since I was 4 years old, I find it very hard to make new friendships.

Q: How are you going to do with modelling & other work-related things now that you are pregnant?

A: I don't know how it is to be a mom, I don't have any plans. I see it when I am a mom.

Q: So big companies didn't say like okay Doutzen you are pregnant, we don't want to work with you again?

A: No, I haven't heard it yet but if that's the case, so it'll be. I'll be dissapointed but that's how it is.

Q: How do you handle the media?

A: I find it hard, I want everyone to like me. She finds it very hard when media write things about her that were untrue. She finds it very hard that they write about men she's supposed to date. She wants to defend herself, but she says: than they only critize me more.

Q: Do you find it hard that people now see you as a product?

A: No, I don't take it personal. We models are products and I accepted that.

Q: Did some brands ever rejected you

A: ..... Estee Lauder & Maybelline said no

Q: How do you stay fit and in shape?

A: I never stopped eating or diet and if they want me to stop eating or diet.. well I than I'm going home.

Q: Gisele Bundchen or Kate Moss?

A: I think Gisele Bundchen.

Q: Job Cohen or Geert Wilders (dutch politicians)

A: Job Cohen

Q: Do you plan to launch a fashionline or something

A: Yes maybe. I think it's a smart move to use the name Doutzen Kroes when modelling stops.

Q:Who is your rolemodel

A: Beyonce

Q: What if your baby wants to be a model

A: He/She can do everything he/she wants, but finish school first.

Q: You are a rolemodel for many girls, does that have influence on the choices you make?

A: Yes, in my work it did. Like the eating-part for example.

Some other revealed Doutzen facts

* They were showing her grades from highschool hahah, she was like: well, I was never good at school. And her grade for English wasn't very good

* She got some invitations from men to fly somewhere, she hates it, when men does that.

* She once ordered a private jet to fly from NY to Baltimore to attend a Beyonce concert. Beyonce spotted her and they went for a drink back in NY

* She rejects assignments that includes fur.


By the way, she still doesn't know if it's a baby boy or a baby girl, last time she wanted to find out, he/she crossed his/her legs :blush:

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